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Customer Engagement

Tags [ jconsole, JMX, MBean, product owner, Scrum, Spring ]

Where I work, we have a product group that functions as our product owners for Scrum development. Fortunately, they are co-located, which generally makes them pretty accessible for clarifications, although they do have this habit of having to be in a lot of meetings (hi guys).

So today I sat with one of them to work out a fairly complicated user-specific algorithm for sorting a bunch of movies and TV shows. In the end we came up with a scoring system involving a lot of constants as coefficients; the plan was to make those easily configurable so we could play with them.

I’m actually planning to take this a little step further than normal, and rather than just making them configurable from the Spring application context, I’m going to write an MBean that makes them configurable at run-time via jconsole. Then, I’m going to show the product guys how to play with the jconsole and let them come up with the actual coefficients we want to use while playing with a development instance.

I’m briefly debating handing out instructions to multiple executives so they can play too….

When I pick up again on Monday I’ll post some basic code snippets.